Since 1958, Star of the Sea School has taught thousands of children and provided a Christ-centered and Catholic-based foundation two blocks from the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Hear what families of Star of the Sea School have to say for themselves!

Reasons I send my child to Star of the Sea School

  • The sense of community. It takes a village to raise a child and Star of the Sea provides that. There is so much support from teachers, staff and other parents. As a family of two working parents, it is a great fit for us because often times we need help or support in our busy life.
  • Star of the Sea provides a moral compass. It is always nice to have religion at the core of your learning and to have a reminder about God and being kind before you start the day, before recess, before you play sports, etc…
  • The low teacher to child ratio. It is nice to have smaller classes, more personalized learning and one on one conversations with the teacher. They really know your child, their strengths, their struggles and how to motivate them to learn.
  • It is fun. My child loves going to Star of the Sea because the teachers make learning fun. Between brain breaks, music, art, Spanish, fun Friday’s, core genius hour, learning games, PE, etc… Every day he comes home with a story of something “fun” they did today at school.
  • No SOL’s. The teachers don’t have to worry about teaching to the test as they do in public schools. They can slow down if the kids are struggling or speed up if they aren’t. They can go at their own pace which ensures learning is actually achieved.
  • Location, location, location. Since we are located at the oceanfront, the kids get to do some really awesome things that no other school gets to do. Between running on the boardwalk for our mile run, walking to our sidewalk to watch the Veteran’s Day parade and driving under a mile to save oysters, location makes the school’s even more awesome.

Woolridge Family, Virginia Beach

Star of the Sea School has been a great place for our daughter to learn and grow in her faith. We feel blessed how welcoming our fellow families and staff have been. Star of the Sea School gives us the sense of community and belonging. We also enjoy not having to decide what to wear every day. The uniforms are a big win in our home.

Griffin Family, Virginia Beach

The teachers nurture and teach our children by leading students through rigorous academics and help them master everyday skills that will ensure they succeed in the future. Sending our children to Star of the Sea was the best decision we ever made for our family.

Magnini Family, Virginia Beach

There are so many reasons we call Star of the Sea home. For me, it is a strong foundation in top education, a hands on learning environment for all ages, a community built on the teachings of Jesus, which reflects in the students by how loving and respectful they are to their peers, teachers, and family.

If you ask my daughter why she likes Star of the Sea, she will say “Because I get to learn!!!!”

The conversations we have, the questions she asks, the desire to practice Spanish, Math, writing, and reading, are due to the incredible guidance and positive role models in education that we are blessed to have.

Leahy Family, Virginia Beach

Star of the Sea School has been a second home for our children. Our goal as parents, to prepare our children for the path of life, aligns with the values of the school. Not only do our children get an outstanding education that is paced with their needs, they are challenged to be independent, service oriented individuals. The teachers, staff, and families share in a common goal for the children and that makes Star of the Sea is an amazing place to be!

Alves Family, Virginia Beach