Profile of a Graduate

Star of the Sea Catholic School graduates will be . . .

Spiritually Aware

  • Practicing faith fostered in the truths of the Bible
  • Growing in a personal relationship with God
  • Using Christian morals in decision making
  • Recognizing God’s incredible power and ability to influence all situations

Academic Excellence

  • Accepting challenges and striving to achieve goals
  • Engaging intelligently and confidently with authority
  • Thinking, solving, creating for the Glory of God
  • Preparing for success in high school and beyond

Socially Involved

  • Serving the community as Peacemakers
  • Showing empathy and respect toward others
  • Leading in school government, mentorship programs, and sports

Physically Fit

  • Integrating healthy eating and exercise within their daily routines
  • Balancing work and play for optimum health
  • Demonstrating self-control, modesty, and positive life choices