Enrollment and Tuition

Star of the Sea provides the type of education I want for my children. I know my children will receive a rigorous education, as well as learning social and emotional skills and growing in their faith.


AMAZING teachers and school community.

We are so pleased with the education, the welcoming atmosphere, we feel our children are flourishing in a positive faith based environment.


Love the sense of community.

Thank you for considering enrolling your child(ren) at Star of the Sea Catholic School! We understand that new families have many questions in regards to tuition, financial aid and other information.

If you wish to contact the school directly for additional information, please call the school office at 757.428.8400.

Registration and Tuition Amounts

In order to be considered for enrollment for the new school year, a $200 registration fee and a tuition contract must be received by the business office. Tuition rates are separated based on Catholic and Non-Catholic Rates. A student is considered Catholic if they have been baptized in the Roman Catholic faith. Proof of baptism is required for new students requesting the Catholic rate.

Payment plans are based on 12 months, July through June of the upcoming school year. Payment plans can run for 10 or 11 months if you opt for a more convenient plan for your family budget. Fees below include a per-student technology fee  and are broken down accordingly ($250 K–8 and $100 Early Learners & Jr. Kindergarten.) Additional information is located in the tuition schedule below or you can contact the school office directly.

2024-2025 Catholic Tuition Rate & $300 per Student Technology Fees
Kindergarten through Grade 8

(Registration in a Catholic parish will be verified)

Total Tuition 12 Month Tuition Fee* 12-Month Tuition* w/ Technology Fees
1 Child 7,904 $659 $684
2 Children $14,808 $1,234 $1,284
3 Children $21,213 $1,768 $1,826

(Call school office for 4th child discount rate.)
* July–June

2024-2025 NonCatholic Tuition Rate & $300 per Student Technology Fee
Kindergarten through Grade 8

Total Tuition 12 Month Tuition Fee* 12-Month Tuition* w/ Technology Fees
1 Child 9,616 $801 $826
2 Children $18,232 $1,519 $1,569
3 Children $26,348 $2,196 $2,254

(Call school office for 3rd and 4th child discount rate.)
* July–June

2024-2025 Jr Kindergarten – 4-Year-Old Tuition Rate & $100 per Student Technology Fee

Days Total Tuition 12 Month Tuition Fee* 12-Month Tuition* w/ Technology Fees
5 Full Days $7,904 $659 $667
5 Half Days $6,323 $527 $535

* July–June

Jr. Kindergarten Options:

  • 5 Full Days: Monday to Friday 8am – 3pm
  • 5 Half Days: Monday to Friday 8am – 12noon (no after school care)

2024-2025 Early Learners – 3-year-old Tuition Rate & $100 per Student Technology Fee

Days Total Tuition 12 Month Tuition Fee* 12-Month Tuition* w/ Technology Fees
5 Full Days $7,904 $659 $667
3 Full Days $6,323 $527 $535
5 Half-Days $6,323 $527 $535
3 Half-Days $5,138 $428 $437

* July-June

Early Learner Program (PreK 3) Options:

  • 5 Full Days: Monday to Friday 8am – 3pm
  • 3 Full Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am – 3pm
  • 5 Half Days: Monday to Friday 8am – 12noon (no after school care)
  • 3 Half Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am – 12noon (no after school care)

* We start with Early Learners (PK3). Your child must turn three by September 30th of the school year that they enter Star of the Sea and be fully potty trained.


Pay-In-Full Tuition Discounts

  1. A $100 discount will be applied if you pay in full July 1, 2024 thru July 15, 2024. If paid in full after July 15, 2024 no discount will apply.
  2. Before School Care: $5 per hour per student. After School Care: $5 per hour per student. These fees are billed monthly through Facts as an incidental billing.
  3. Pre-K Full Day students who have siblings attending Star of the Sea may utilize the multiple child discounted rates.

How to Apply – Step 1

Begin the application process for the 2024–2025 school year by clicking on the button below and creating an account. Once you have created an account you will be directed to the online application. Please include the forms below.

Submit the following items by uploading them online with the application or submitting directly to the school office:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate, First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, etc., if applicable
  • Recent Physical/Immunization Record
  • Most recent report card, 1st – 8th grade applicants
  • Educational/Diagnostic or Psychological Evaluation results, if applicable
  • Custody/Court documents, if applicable
  • Records Release Form

Attend the following upon request:

  • Interview with the Principal
  • Placement/Screening Test

Enrollment Packet – Step 2

Admissions decisions will be made beginning in mid-February based on the above information. Qualified candidates are accepted at all grade levels where vacancies occur. Once your application has been accepted, please then create your FACTS/SIS Parent Web account. Here you will complete the enrollment packet and pay the enrollment fee of $200 per family.

Tuition Assistance

In order to be considered for tuition assistance, families must apply through FACTS Grant and Aid. The application link is found to the right of the page called FACTS Grant and Aid. Below are links to information regarding the types of assistance, how to apply for assistance, and the SOS assistance policy. FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment analyzes financial need for the Diocese of Richmond. For families to qualify for financial aid, there must be an established need. This application must be completed with ALL pertinent supporting documents by March 1 for round one consideration and by June 1st for second round.

Virginia 529

529 funds can now be used for K-12 Tuition! Please consult your tax advisor for more information. On December 22, 2017, a wide-ranging tax reform bill (H.R. 1) was signed into law, bringing new flexibility and utility to 529 accounts. Your 529 plan can now be used to fund tuition costs for private and religious K-12 education, up to $10,000 per child per year. Because K-12 tuition is now a qualified higher education expense, some states may offer a deduction from individual state income taxes (Virginia, for example, offers up to a $4,000 deduction). This benefit alone gives some Virginia 529 account holders a new way to save money for both current and future academic expenses. Tuition costs must originate on or after January 1, 2018, to be eligible under this new law. The costs of textbooks, room and board, supplies, and other expenses for K-12 education are not covered under this new rule.

Tuition Payments and Incidental Billing

Upon registration, you will complete a tuition contract. A tuition contract button can be found below. The contract must be returned with the registration paperwork and payment. Once the tuition contract is received by the business office, you will be supplied a link for setting up your tuition payments and another for the SOS information system. Additionally, your family is set up with a family account that allows you to charge lunches, extended care, and other incidentals for the month. All tuition and incidental billing is through FACTS Tuition Management. Per diocesan policy, all tuition is set up through FACTS Tuition Management.

Parent Service Program

Each family is responsible for 30 service hours for two-parent families and 15 for single parents (includes families in which one spouse is deployed for a period of 6 months or more). The hours must be completed between May 1st 2024 and April 30th 2025. The parent with whom the child resides is responsible for fulfilling the hours. If a family falls short of fulfilling its hours by April 30th, there will be a balance due to the school in the amount of $15.00 per hour for each hour deficit. Payment must be received before report cards, transcripts, or diplomas are released.

It is our pleasure to serve you and your family. Please do not hesitate to contact the office with questions about Star of the Sea Catholic School and we will be happy to assist you! Again, welcome to SOS! We sincerely thank you for your interest in our school!

Please contact Myriam Traub ([email protected]) for assistance or translation in Espanol.