Third Grade


  • Weekly and monthly masses with the entire student body
  • Holy Days of Obligation mass when school is in session
  • Prayer Services
  • Reconciliation during Advent and Lent



Throughout the Year:

Reading strategies:
Preview the text; set and monitor purpose for reading; activate and use prior knowledge; make, confirm and modify predictions; monitor comprehension and use fix-up strategies; use graphic organizers; answer questions; generate questions; recognize text structure; summarize text; visualize; make connections

Author’s purpose; cause and effect; compare and contrast; draw conclusions; fact and opinion; follow directions; generalize; graphic sources; main idea and supporting details; realism/fantasy; sequence of events

Literary Elements:
Character; plot; setting; theme

Expository nonfiction, Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, plays, poems, songs, folk tales, biography

Spelling and Phonics

Application of spelling and phonics rules, to reading and writing across the curriculum


Social Studies