Jr. Kindergarten


Star of the Sea Catholic School Pre-Kindergarten offers a theme-based curriculum in which weekly themes are used to integrate a variety of educational components. In addition to themes, students receive instruction in early math and reading readiness. Fine and gross motor skills are reinforced through daily activities.

Monday – Friday 8am-3pm with before and after school care available

Monday – Friday 8am-12noon with before school care only available

New Themes Each Week: Sample Themes

Community Helpers – Our Senses – The Solar System – Plants – Dinosaurs – Ocean Life


Students participate in Eucharistic Celebrations with the entire school community, as well as daily prayer within their class. The Religion curriculum focuses on the concept that God made the world. Many of the Religion lessons are integrated with the weekly themes.


  • Recognizing and counting numbers to 20
  • Patterning – Measuring – Puzzles

Reading Readiness

  • Letter Recognition (Upper and Lowercase)
  • Beginning Sounds

Fine Motor Skills

Students participate in a variety of activities, which incorporate:

  • Cutting and Gluing
  • Gripping writing instruments
  • Introduction to correct letter formation

Gross Motor Skills

Students participate in a variety of playground activities that allow them to practice running, jumping and climbing.

Social Studies and Science

Thematic projects and activities are used to teach a variety of concepts, such as:

  • Healthy Habits
  • Food Groups
  • Our World
  • Christmas Around the World

The children will attend weekly and monthly school Masses and participate in the following specials:

  • Computer
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Art
  • PE
  • Library

Special Projects/Activities

  • Virginia Aquarium Presentation
  • Space Adventure
  • Pre-K Posada
  • Volcano Building and Eruption
  • Making Dinosaur Fossils
  • Prayer Partner Activities
  • Making Bread and Butter