Why should I choose Star of the Sea Catholic School for my child?
If you are looking for a traditional, safe, Catholic environment for your child with standards that help them achieve their physical, moral and academic best, then Star of the Sea is your best choice! Please call us at 757-428-8400 for a personal tour.

Is financial aid available and how/when do I apply?
Yes, Financial Aid is available if you qualify. Once your child is enrolled in the school, you may log on to the FACTS website and provide the information required. If you have more questions, please contact Mrs. Donna Odanga, the Bookkeeper.

What are the school hours and do you have buses?
School hours are from 8:00am – 3:00pm. We provide morning care at 7am and after school care from 3pm-6pm. We do not have any busing.

Do you have to be Catholic to apply to Star of the Sea School?

No, you do not. We have non-Catholic families here although we do have priority status for admissions: siblings of already enrolled children are considered for admission first, then we admit Catholic families and then non-Catholics.

What grades do you have?
We start at PreK three-year old classes. Your child must turn three by September 30 of the school year that they enter Star of the Sea and be fully potty trained. Our students graduate in eighth grade with up to 4 high school credits.

What are your students’ opportunities for high school?
Some of our students attend Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School in Virginia Beach. The balance of our graduates are admitted to the Virginia Beach academies, private and public high schools.

What is your discipline policy?
Each situation of a student needing a reminder of the rules is unique: there is no one-size-fits-all. Most infractions are handled within the classroom by a teacher. If the misbehavior is chronic or doesn’t improve, the teacher may decide to get a parent involved, communicating possibly through a simple email or the teacher may feel a conference is required.

I have lots of curriculum questions; how can I find out more about what the children are learning at your school?
To learn about what we do in our classrooms please refer to our “Curriculum” page on the ADMISSIONS tab of the website. You will see a detailed synopsis of what is accomplished each year at each grade level. You may also request an appointment to meet with our Principal, Mrs. Carey Averill.

Do you have resource classes for a child that needs extra help and/or advanced classes for those who are above grade level?
Star of the Sea School employs a resource teacher to help meet the different learning needs of students. The resource teacher works together with the Assistant Principal, school counselor, and other designated teachers as a resource team to identify and assess student needs. For students that are identified, a school learning plan may be developed to outline a specific learning plan. The SRT looks at meeting needs that range from extra support for those students who need it to enrichment for those that need to be challenged. As well, students may graduate with as many as four high school credits in Algebra I, Earth Science, World History and Spanish I.