Ms. Mitchell's favorite subjects to teach are math and science. She enjoys watching movies, building stuff (if it doesn’t involve tools that she could injure myself with), spending time with her family, everything Halloween, and reading books. In fact, she can often be found perusing the fantasy and science fiction aisles at Barnes & Noble for hours on end. Her special talent is baking cookies and making butterbeer. She is also a member of the Nerd Herd as is evidenced by her love of everything Harry Potter. (Her favorite Christmas gift was her acceptance letter into Hogwarts!) Had she actually attended Hogwarts, she most certainly would have been sorted into House Hufflepuff, for “Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil.”

Ms. Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is endorsed to teach PK-6 with an endorsement in middle school mathematics. She has taught in Hawaii, Illinois and Virginia. She has also authored What Is It Like to Present at a VAST PDI that appeared in The Science Educator (Vol. 62, No. 5) and developed and implemented the Greatest Common Factors lesson that appeared in the Cuisenaire Rods 75th Anniversary commemorative booklet.

Ext. 26